Thursday, February 7, 2013

Words - Quantity or Quality?


This week I was hit 'upside the head' (as I've heard some southerners say) and God told me it was time to get back to my Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible study group!  I know His plan is for me to grow further in my relationship with HIM as well as encourage, support, and share with those that are there for the same reason - all to grow in our relationships with Him.

I have not done a good job of keeping up my blog because I felt it had to be BIG, had to be a ton of words - ha, I was wrong.  It's all about the seed that is planted with the words written - that means, could be 5 words, could be 10 words or 50 words.  It's the quality of those words that makes the difference.  You never know the affect your words may have on another!

Today in our Proverbs31 Study - by the way, we are reading and studying 'Let It Go' by Karen Ehman - is blog hopping day.  I have been assigned 5 blogs to read and comment on today AND in addition to that in my Let it Go on-line study group, I had a couple of Jesus  Girls share their blogs!  What I found was - it truly isn't the number of words on a blog, or paper - or facebook - it's the quality of what's within those words!     

Sharing is important.  The encouragement and support you could bring another is what it's all about.  However you choose to use your words, write each one with a plan to plant a seed ~  Your words may be the only words someone reads or hears today - make them count!


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