Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tackling our Temples for Him

'Don't you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God?  You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price so you must honor God with your body'
2nd Corinthians 6:19-20

- Isn't this the story of our lives! 

How many of us are sick and tired of being sick and tired!?  How many of us start every day saying that we are going to do better today - Today's the Day!  I got this!  This is happening!  Only to make it to lunch time and end up going out for a group lunch - where salad just did not appeal to you, but the pizza or lasagna did?   Man Look, (favorite phrase from a friend) - this is me!

I am the champion of yo-yo dieting - I have been thru Weight Watchers (age 12), LA Weight Loss, Nutri-Systems, Physicians Weight Loss - all were successful.  I KNOW how to do this - I know my body.  I am no longer 12 but 47 and have lost the same 100 lbs. many times over.  Am I looking for success in all the wrong places (isn't that a song or a cliche?) - Am I going about this the wrong way?

I started a private facebook group that that includes awesome women all in the same position, some having very successful results and others not - all christian and very sweet awesome women.  We share, encourage, love and support each other in huge ways - (private because not everyone needs to hear how we binged and ate a carton of  ice cream straight from the container until it was gone at 3:00 in the morning!).....I'm finding, it's still not enough.  We still are struggling.  So, how do we find that FIGHT?  How do we find that WANT to?  How did I do it so many times before?  I wish I knew!  I'd be rich! (in more ways than one!)

Shouldn't 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 be enough motivation?  I am doing everything in my power to give God the glory and honor he deserves, every day of my life.   OR AM I?  Obviously, painfully, I am not!

- - - - back in August I went on an amazing mission trip to Nicaragua.  I wish I could go every month or every quarter -  it was then that I realized I was spending way too much time participating in ministries that were basically small groups on-line - studying a book, studying scriptures and sharing - I loved it - I absolutely loved it.  I loved the blogging and the fun I had while studying the word.  BUT I needed to reach the lost. Most everyone doing the studies were already christian women and well on their way to incredible relationships with our Father. So, I prayerfully gave up that ministry work to find a way to reach the lost AND do the number one thing I've been trying to do for some time now - get my temple physically and spiritually in sound order so that I can do the work of my Father - being his strong and healthy hands and feet.  THAT is where I am at today! 

It is my prayer that through this blog as I share my heart and daily struggles - when I share scripture and excerpts from my reading that I will touch one lost person, or will say the words that help another.  I pray I have the ability to accomplish multiple things through words and actions, starting here and now.  We all know ACTIONS speak louder than words and I try to make sure I live out what I speak. Results are not always perfect - but then again, if we were perfect we would not need our Father.

Check back for new posts and let me know what you like or give us a topic to talk about - This page is for US as we get our temples spiritually and physically fit to be a disciple of God working at 150% capacity - all the time!

- Facebook sharing page coming soon.  I will post the link

Let us Pray - Heavenly Father, thank you for today - for second chances, for love, for life, and for the opportunity to bring you honor and glory every day.  I ask that you will be with this group - every reader - every person participating in a "fight" to get their temples in order.  Fill us with your power and strength, allow us to absorb every scripture and use it to grow closer to you in every way. Give us a compassion for each other and guide our paths.  May every action and every word bring only glory to you.  Amen.

Taking Action- there is a book out Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge, MD.  You can get the Gift package on Amazon for around $13.00.  See Link below.  I am reading this book now and it's awesome.  I will share here often, I'm sure. 

Here's a few sentences I'll leave you with:

70% of what you feel as aging is optional!  (WOW!) - I get that!

'Heart attacks and strokes are the great killers of women......but the terrible things are probably not going to happen to you.  Because, the worst things turn out to be voluntary.  You do not have to go there.  So Don't'!  (another WOW!!!!)  - what do we do to ourselves????

More Soon!!!!!!

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