Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Voice of Compassion

All of my bible study ladies and friends were praying about picking out their "word" for 2012. What were they going to focus on for the new year~what area needed some work?~ what did they want to grow in?

My chosen word was 'Servant'. In 2012 I was going to work extra hard at serving not only my God but everyone around me in every way I could. I want to serve as He serves us. I don't want to have to think twice about serving, I want to Just Do It! Thankfully and prayerfully, I am doing just that. I am attempting to serve more at my church, in my every day walk, I even served at the EWomen's 2012 conference. There is however, something bothering me and it's not serving - it's compassion. In fact, don't the two kind of go together?

Compassion is lacking in so many, unfortunately right now, for me today, I lack compassion with my own son. But I need to leave that for yet another blog~You can help me here though, please pray that I can find in my heart a mother's compassion for my son, like God has for me.

Every single person deserves compassion, even in their worst behavior moments. We don't know what a person is facing or why a person is where they are today. We don't know if they are saved and are looking forward to an eternal life or if they are an atheist. Most times we don't know if they are rich or poor, healthy or sick, or even more - WHY they were placed in our path on any given day. In the grand scheme of things, DO THESE THINGS REALLY MATTER?

If we are walking the walk The Word teaches us to walk, and we are walking and serving as our Father serves us, then a person's background does not matter. Chances are God did place them in our path for a reason. We may be the one voice they hear today and that voice can either push them over the edge into a pit of disaster OR can be the one voice today that will help them make the decision for eternal life.

As you approach today, remember compassion. Look at a person and see their soul. Provide them with the compassion they need to heal or be comforted. Or be the person that plants an incredible seed in their soul, a seed that will grow, flourish, and transform into the image of Christ. Remember, we don't know circumstances, but we certainly know what God instructs.

Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Col 3:12

Dear Heaveny Father,
Thank you for your daily gift of compassion; for loving us unconditionally~regardless of our circumstances or behaviors. Please fill our hearts and souls with Christ-like compassion so that we may act as a vessel and through you fill the souls of others. Help us remember that compassion and serving go hand and hand and may we always reach out to those in need, regardless of circumstance. Amen.

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